The Tech Tuesday Newsletter 12/4/12


Knewton is adaptive learning software. Think of online courses that collect every bit of possible user data (what you click on, how long you look at questions, etc.) and then use this information to provide the best possible learning environment for individuals. This is pretty much what Knewton promises, and while there is currently about zero research that proves what they do works, and they aren’t sharing any of their strategies and methods (sketchy), I think this points to what will be possible in the future.

Social Justice and Social Media 

I know we have several faculty who are interested in social justice, and so this article, which discusses a $550,000 grant to “move conversations that happen within the ivory tower of academia into the wider world where they have broader impact” seemed as though it may be of interest. It discusses the broader dissemination of research in this area and how research done in this way can be accounted for in tenure decisions.


I was in Va Beach this week, presenting at a conference, and there was a lot of buzz about Edmodo. Think of it like Facebook for education. It seems to be a pretty cool tool for higher ed faculty, especially since many of our graduates will go to work in surrounding area school divisions who are also using it. If you are interested, there is training for it in Atomic Learning too.


Reading, Listening, Watching and Eating (My weekly pics)

The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding modern truth in ancient wisdom
(Still plugging away at this one, gets better and better the more I read it)

Best Christmas rap song ever. Run DMC – Christmas in Hollis

Gogol Bordello: non-stop (Documentary about the band Gogol Bordello, pretty good if you like Gogol Bordello, on netflix)

Met my sister down near MCV last week for lunch and tried La Parisienne Bistro. It was really good. We both got crepes and they were both delicious. Great casual French food. Get the fries too they come with fancy dipping sauces.

Quick Pic of the Week

Too cold for some of my fishing buddies two weeks ago, but not for my 6-year-old son: William fishing with tenkara rod on the South River in Waynesboro.

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Currently the Director of Technology for the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as a doctoral student in the Instructional Technology department at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. Prior to my work at Virginia Commonwealth University, I served as a graduate research fellow at the University of Virginia’s Center for Technology and Teacher Education.
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