The Tech Tuesday Newsletter 11/22

Consider privacy when using online resources

I often talk about how we need to open up a lot of what we do here to the public. It creates an authentic experience for our students, it can build a community of practice around our content, and it allows teaching and learning to grow beyond the classroom walls, and the single semester that a student was enrolled in your class. Other elite universities such as Stanford are offering free classes and opening their classroomsMexico’s largest University is posting nearly all publications and course materials online for free.  However, as we saw this week at The Georgia Institute of Technology, student privacy issues and FERPA, can bring down a decades worth of work. I am not saying the correct thing was done, but this story should provide a good starting ground for conversations around these issues…….and speaking of privacy, there ws a great panel discussion on this recently with a number of experts on the subject. Check it out.

Um, what? Virtual learning gets politicized.

It is almost beyond me to figure out how virtual learning can be a partisan issue, but this week I ran across two articles that discuss this. The first discusses an article getting ready to come out in The Nation, which describes legislation to foster online learning as having ulterior motives (helping big business)The second explicitedly discusses how online learning is becoming politicized.  I might need to take a closer look at my sources, becuase this whole thing seems bizarre.

A day in the life of a flipped classroom

To help clean your palate from that last story, i ran across this great article from the Harvard Education Letter, which is their School of Ed’s newsletter (which we may want to consider doing), which discussses what a flipped classroom would look like over the course of two days. It is a really good article for beginners to this new style of teaching.

Quick Research Story of the Week

Scientists tweak gene to create “mighty mice”….because honestly, mice have really gotten rather lazy lately.

Quick App of the Week

Looking to start a Coup d’Etat? Just curious about the importance of new mobile technologies? If so check out Souria Wa Bas. This is the app that is helping Syrian protestors challenging the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Quick File Storage tip of the Week

I have told you guys about dropbox many times, and how it is essential for me, but there are other options. Here is a rundown of the most popular file storage services available..

Awesome Thanksgiving tips of the Week

1. utilizing gantt charts, and outsourcing to prepare the big meal
2. How to cook a turkey the right way
3. How to cook a turkey the awesome way

Quick Pic of the Week

My kids (William and Maggie) at Wintergreen this weekend. We make them run up and down the slopes before the season starts to get em in shape and ready :)

About Monty Jones

Currently the Director of Technology for the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as a doctoral student in the Instructional Technology department at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. Prior to my work at Virginia Commonwealth University, I served as a graduate research fellow at the University of Virginia’s Center for Technology and Teacher Education.
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